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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  April 13, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪vacuum] introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday, april 13th, good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen and tracking live doppler 7. hi, lisa. >> krishgs good morning. we do have fog along the coast, the san mateo coast along monterey and we'll see the sea breeze, keeping the coast cool and right now at sfo, nice and sunny and the numbers climbing through the low to mid-70s and 50 in half moon bay and san francisco in the mid-50s and 53 in san jose and look at the
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golden gate bridge, nice and clear for you with temperatures in the low to mid-50s and santa rosa, vacaville and concord. in the sierra, nevada we'll get snow and we'll talk about it later and today look for highs in the 50s and numbers will climb for the 50s and 60s right on through noon and we'll have low 70s around the bay and inland and temperatures even warmer than that for afternoon highs. pleasant on the coast. we'll talk in detail about the second half for your weekend and when the rain arrives in a few minutes. chris? >> lisa, thank you. developing news, concrete has fallen on the richmond-san rafael bridge for the first time since february. you can see some backup heading west and it's heavier than normal and things do clear up after the toll plaza. lanes have been closed nightly because of emergency rep lltart next year. that third incident that we've been talking about happened just after 9:30 last night on the eastbound side of 580 at the
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high-rise. a driver alerted officials about the concrete. it's unclear if this is related to the two previou incidents. just last thursday, chunks fell as a result of repair work to fix one of the 31 sliding plate joints on the upper deck of the bridge. traffic in the eastbound direction was stopped for several hours the next day as crews inspected the bridge deck. a separate, unrelated incident saw concrete chunks fall on to the lower deck on february 7th. >> in the east bay, a family is on edge this morning after being targeted twice this week by a suspected arsonist. the latest fire forced the mother and son to escape their berkeley apartment through the balcony. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> people could have been injured and lives could have been lost. berkeley neighbors are fearful after a fire broke out in this apartment. the entry is now off-limits. >> there was an uber driver on the corner and he saw what happened and banging on our door and told us to come outside.
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i initially grabbed aing it was something small and the guy told us it was way bigger. >> a mother and son inside the apartment were trapped by the flames and they were rescued by firefighters. pe we brought down the back off th balcony and evaluated by the medics. >> the fire department believes the fire was no accident. it was intentionally set. we did find what appeared to be some rags or a fabric that had some flammable liquid on it. >> the battalion chief reported witnesses saw a man running away from the fire. a molotov cocktail was thrown at a window, but it missed. >> my mom came out and put the fire out watt fire extinguisher because it was small. police are investigating and they don't know why the family was targeted. neighbors are worried about their own safety. >> i want to try to catch this person because it's the least we can do. >> i hope somebody come out and
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say if they saw anything because that's somebody's life. >> reporter: authorities say is no description on the man seen running away from the fire. mother and son were not hurt. we are told they have moved to a new apartment. in berkeley, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a 12-year-old girl says a classmate had been bullying her for months. you can see some of the incident on the screen behind me. the district has now suspended the principal and the teacher in that classroom after the i-team's dan noyes demanded answers about the school's handling of the case. he has the story you will see only on 7. [ screaming ] >> reporter: what sets this attack apart from others we've seen is the teacher's response. look at the beginning of the video again. that's stewart elementary teacher jeremy cooper raising his hands and walking away. >> i was very shocked that he didn't do anything because most teachers just go and try to stop it, but he didn't do anything. >> reporter: the beating that 12-year-old valeria delao
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suffered continued for 40 seconds until a p-e teacher came to her aid. >> she called me and she told me, mom, she hit me. >> valeria's mother rushed to the school, saw her daughter's bruises and took her to the hospital for evaluation. thankfully, no serious injuries. the enormity of what happened didn't sink in until she saw the video the next day. it circulated among students and on social media. >> i never thought i would see my child having to go through this. >> it made me sad that my mom was crying. carla gamboa tells me she first complained to the school five months ago about her daughter being bullied describing the teasing about valeria's height, her hair, her friends and even during class. >> i couldn't focus and i want to learn and not just hear her about me and saying stuff in the mom started keeping a list of alleged incidents and says the pressure on valeria escalated when other students sang an obscene track posted on instagram. >> she's a ho, ho, ho, ho. >> carla gamboa uponed you to
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see that. she's a school bus driver herself and carla tells me after she complained to the west contra county unified school district again the bullying stopped for a while and the classroom beating on the 25th and she confronted principal peter aloo. i said now what are you going to do? i told you last time i wanted to avoid something like this to happen and it was just a matter of time. he goes, i don't know. i can't tell you what i'm going to do. i was, like, are you serious? carla kept valeria home for two weeks and she told me the school never called to check on her daughter or to provide make-up work. >> she started beating her back and pulling her hair and stuff. >> and with their parents' permission spoke with students who were there during the attack. >> i just thought it was stupid. why do you need to fight her? >> val was trying to, like, trying to avoid the fight, but she got beat up really bad. >> principal aloo and the teacher jeremy cooper would not
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come out to discuss what happened andted for hours and they left without my seeing them and i returned the next day to find the principal's parking space empty and to watch valeria return to school. her mother met with a district official. >> was there an apology? >> definitely there was. they accepted that they dropped the ball. >> the school district told me they would e-mail a statement about the case, but i went to the headquarters to press for an interview and called superintendent matt duffy coming out of a meeting. >> we are certainly disturbed by what happened in that classroom, and we've taken disciplinary action and both the teacher and principal are on administrative leave at this time which should give you some idea of how we feel the handling of the situation went. >> the family has obtained a temporary restraining order. a judge ordered the alleged bully to have no contact with valeria and to stay three yard away from her, but they still both go to the same school. >> i've not been able to reach the other families in the story.
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valeria's mom has filed a police report and wants to press charges and wants to talk to a lawyer about suing the school. dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> there are resources out there if your child is being bullied. we have a page dedicated to finding an ally. visit our website, abc 7 action. bay area leaders reacted strongly to president trump's threat to send detained immigrants to sanctuary cities across the countr. you're looking at a map showing bay area cities and counties that have declared themselves sanctuaries san francisco and oakland along with alameda and santa clara counties. sam lacarto urged both the president and federal lawmakers to focus on america's current immigration system. a solution does not include scaring parts of our community, does not include dividing families at the border, does not include punishing political
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opponents. >> oakland mayor libby shaft described the president and his policies as being racist. >> this administration continues to use petty politics and really just vitriolic rhetoric to advance a racist agenda. this is not american. >> san francisco mayor london breed issued a statement responding to president trump saying, quote, like so many issue, we are forced to talk about during this presidency, this isn't a real idea or a real proposal. it's just another scare tactic, and we are proud to be a sanctuary city and to continue to put forth proposals to support immigrant communities. >> time now is 8:09, building a better bay area begins with a chance to do so. an outfielder threw a first pitch at the san jose giants home opener on thursday. now referred to as deputy sheriff justin to t. abc news reporter, amanda del
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castillo has the story. >> back on the baseball field, but in a different uniform, former san francisco outfielder turned deputy sheriff justin cristian was at the giants game. >> it's the teammates and it brought back good memories and it was fun. >> standing behind lori smith, cristian threw the first pitch. his two passions colliding. >> i wanted to get in law enforcement while i was in college, and i never had the opportunity because i was blessed enough to play baseball. >> the former outfielder grew up in san mateo. cristian took home a world series ring with the giants in 2012. whrgh the academy a year later and his goal, to help build a better bay area. >> i wanted something to challenge me and give me an opportunity to go out and make a difference in the community and law enforcement was that choice for me. >> cristian says the transition was smooth, pointing tod series
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championing for the people. >> i just always feel at home here. i've grown up here in the bay area. the community has treated me well and it's the least i can do is give a little bit back to the community. >> in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> we want to hear youred whys about building a better bay area. join us on facebook. great story. good to see him giving back to the community and one that he loves so much. >> right, exactly. you will love today most likely if you like it sunny. temperatures above average and 53 any going for a high of low 60s at the coast and san francisco, warmer than that and today will be the warmer day of the weekend and we'll talk about more clouds, cooler weather and y you guessed it and even rain coming back into play and the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> also ahead. remember the hammer heist? detectives are one step closer
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and keep what matters most. and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. welcome back. in the east bay, police are searching for the thiefs that stole a van from a concord day care center. it's the day care's second van to be stolen this week and the third stolen this year. the van was taken from the diane
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adair's day care just after 5:30 yesterday morning. police did confirm it was not the same van stolen earlier this week. that one was recovered and is still in the shop. in the north bay, part paof massi massi massi massi massive sculpture has been found. it was found without its handle. the 800-pound piece named the hammer was stolen no early october. he will restore and return the piece and a three-foot nail marks the spot where the hammer once stood. >> a san francisco restaurant is not only gaining popularity for its great food, but also because of what's on the walls. the wallpaper at fiorella, becoming instagram sensation. luz pena spoke to the artist about his craft. >> it all started with a picture, a perfect instagram picture from foodies like this one. >> first of all, i would never post anything that i didn't
8:16 am
actually like. >> wallpaper is the background of every photo, packed with bay area history. >> for us, we're really about being a neighborhood restaurant. i think everyone on this wallpaper represented something to a specific neighborhood or specific geography in the bay area. >> if ifiorella's managing part never thought he would find for the last minute. >> where else would you find alice waters and joe montana. >> talking about the characters on the wall we had to meet the artist behind this wallpaper. meet matt richey. in 2015 a group of friends known as the lonely island asked them to drew characters and four landmarks to make wallpaper out of it. the rest is history. >> do you feel like a historian? >> i didn't at the time. that was never my intent, but now i feel like people are really responding to it. so -- and i think it generates a lot of nostalgia for them.
8:17 am
>> to the artist it's more than decoration. it's a piece of art that took them more than a year to finish and its characer more than 30 hours. >> and lots of research. >> trying to get involved in researching that individual really made me look into the career of joe montana. i was looking at photos and piecing it together. >> recently, this restaurant opened a second location and the artist has already gotten requests to add more people to the history wall. >> i already know i like steph curry. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> after 18 innings, the giants finally scored to beat the rockies 3-2. the game ended at 12:50 this morning just more than five and a half hours after the first pitch. it matches the longest game in oracle park history. the giants lost in 18 innings, as well and the 16th inning giants mascot lucille was in his pjs. the team doesn't have a lot of time to rest and they're back in action this afternoon at 105.
8:18 am
take a look at this. last night's game was the first fireworks night at oracle park and the crowd dwindled by 3,000 by the end of the game and the giants joined one video and this is at 1:11 this morning. weatherwise, we're off to a mild start and let's check in with lisa argen and she's tracking the weather forecast. >> the water temperatures well into the low 50s. so we're getting that stratus, and you know what? we'll have a ton of sun and temperatures once again will be above average and here's sfo where numbers will be common in the 70s in the peninsula and average highs in the upper 60s right now and 54 mountain view, and oakland, 55. it's 53 in san jose, as well and 50 at the coast and from santa cruz, you can see pretty gray down here and sun will be coming out and low 70s for a high. 51, napa and it's 55 by the delta and livermore and santa
8:19 am
rosa right at 50 degrees. from our east bay hills camera, these will be some of the warmest temperatures in the upper 70s for livermore, danville and san jose. sunny, mild to warm today and cooler to mild and we'll have increasing clouds and stronger winds and spring showers arrive by the middle of the afternoon on monday. if you want to head to the coast it will be very sunny. we'll have those west winds pick up 10 to 20 miles an hour and 66 half moon bay and enjoy it today and tomorrow will be a slightly different story and 64 ocean beach and bodega bay. sutro. you can see the haze here and the pollen and uv index. you know they are cranking up looking at the mold spores that are low. other than that, the grass pollen getting under way and the tree pollen at high index and of course, tons of sunshine and the trend for the bay area and concord in particular will see highs in the upper 70s today and there's your cooldown tomorrow and the coolest day will be monday. a few light showers and we'll rebound on tuesday. look what happens wednesday,
8:20 am
thursday and friday. we're into the 80s and that trend will follow suit for most of the bay area. so here's the fog along the coast tomorrow morning and then we'll see the increasing clouds. the second of the day and with those stronger winds it will be cooler, partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow and then we're talking about some rain and some april showers, light activity moving in by the middle of the day on monday. it sweeps through the bay area by the evening commute and the overnight hours and behind the system on tuesday we will clear out and high pressure strongly builds in behind it. here are the rainfall amounts on the storm impact scale about 0.2 and less than that in the south bay and a quarter of an inch in the north bay and maybe a couple hundreds to a tenth in the south bay. 77 in san jose and here are your mid-70s for palo alto, redwood city and 64 in pacifica and 68 in san francisco and look for 74 and petaluma and near east bay and beautiful afternoon and 72 for you in san leandro, 77
8:21 am
concord and pleasanton, and the accuweather seven-day forecast and mid-70s around the bay and upper 70s inland thanks to the warm are sunshine and tomorrow bringing in a cooler day and clouds, stronger winds and on the storm impact scale and download the accuweather app and you'll be tracking the rain, the light rain for the afternoon commute and by tuesday we're going well above average for the second half of the upcoming workweek. so we have got it all. something for everyone. >> enjoy this on this week end. lisa, thank you. >> just ahead, a preview this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping, you maximizing.
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>> star wars fans are buzzing o of the trailer for star wars episode 9. the trailer relieving the trailer as star wars, the rise of skywalker. it opens in theaters december 20th and abc news reporter will reed has more. after years of b b b b first glimpse of the new star wars. a teaser trailer for the ninth and final film in the saga sending fans of star wars celebration into a frenzy. thousands erupting in cheers at the title reveal. the rise of skywalker. oh, my gosh, it was so chilling. i'm so excited i can't wait to
8:25 am
see what they're going to do. >> you see ray and there's something coming at her and she does a flip that will knock your socks off. >> the trailer, released by lucas film which is owned by disney, the parent company of abc, shows off new powers for daisy ridley's character ray and the return of an iconic villain. emperor palpatine whose cackling laugh stunned the crowd. director j.j. abrams exclusively told abc news that one of the series' biggest mysteries will be answered. ray's back story. >> i don't want to say that what happens in episode 8, we have honored that, you know, but i will say that there's more to the story than you see. >> still, questions remain about how the skywalker epic will finally end more than four decades after it began. at least for now, everyone will have to wait. >> will reed, abc news, new york. happening today, an all-new light projection experience at
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universal studios hollywood debuts in the wizarding world of harry potter. ♪ ♪ >> the dark arts at hogwarts castle casts a mesmerizing display of light, music and special effects using drone technology. as darkness falls at the castle, they rise to the stonewalls in sinister images. you can see the show until the 28th and memorial day weekend. still to come on abc 7 mornings. three teenagers try to rob a north bay camera store. what employees did to turn the tables on them. >> and they're cute, furry and fiendly. we'll take you inside the largest
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> thanks so much for wakingoss bay area. here's meteorologist lisa argen with the current conditions where you live? hi, chris. this is san jose, one of the cities that will be well above average today. live look outside, current numbers ranging from the mid-50s in san francisco and 50 in half moon bay and morgan hill and from santa cruz we do have the fog right now low 50s and later today it will be sunny and partly cloudy, temperatures near 70 and 50 in santa rosa with mid-50s in concord. your forecast looks like this, notice the absence of clouds. we are sunny and we'll take you
8:30 am
through the afternoon where we have numbers in the low 70s by 2:00. low 60s at the coast and later on we are still mild with temperatures in the 70s, upper 60s at 6:00 and the sun setting after 7:00 and the numbers dropping to the 50s. leading to more clouds in the atmosphere tomorrow and i'll detail the forecast for you in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> developing news, we are learning about concrete falling on the san rafael bridge for the third time since february. a driver saw two baseball sized balls of concrete fall and hit their windshield and this was after 7:30 last night. work was being done on the bridge around the same time. the driver told the toll sergeant's office about the incident. they checked the bridge, but found no debris anywhere along the span. lanes have been closed nightly because of emergency repair work which is what you see here. it is unclear if this is related to the two previous incidents. just last thursday, chunks fell
8:31 am
as a result of repair work to fix one of the 31 sliding plate joints on the upper deck of the bridge. traffic in the eastbound direction was stopped for several hours the next day as crews inspected the bridge deck. a separate, unrelated incident saw concrete chunks fall on to the lower deck on february 7th. in the north bay, santa rosa police are investigating an attempted robbery at a camera store all caught on tape. the victims did not go quietly. nbc 7 news reporter wayne friedman shows us what happened. >> shutter bug camera in santa rosa is always a busy store, but when security cameras picked up three young men entering through the front door with open backpacks who then spread out the employees thought they might be up to no good. >> i heard the door, saw them on the screen and ran out. >> i yelled he's grabbing stuff. >> there wasn't any time to be scared. >> scott manchester, jonathan parnell and owner park passkey,
8:32 am
three of the people working as suspects jumped behind the case, grabbed gear and encountered something they hadn't planned on, resistance. >> in most situations like this stores have policies to de-escalate situations before they get worse, but this store had a history. it had been robbed before. >> so when suspects moved in employees blocked the front door and wrestled with them and later they learned the suspects had a gun. >> what made you challenge these guys? >> instinct. unfortunately, we're not supposed to and we had to tell the staff not to because we don't want anyone getting hurt, but it's personal for us. >> especially with a store that's been robbed in the past. of the three suspects one got away and one of the other two is a juvenile 14 years old. >> the people that are that desperate to try to come out into a family-owned shop and try something like that, this is -- it's a shame for the kids and it's a shame for society in
8:33 am
general, i think. >> so you got bit. >> i got bit on the arm as we were struggling. they know it could have been worse. a lot worse. >> it was something we all did for each other. in santa rosa, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. in san francisco lawmakers are trying once again to reduce the traffic on the crooked part of lombard street. assemblyman phil ting will introduce legislation on monday. it would include charging drivers a fee to drive down the street and require them to make a reservation. the transportation authority says the average capacity on the street is about 220 cars per hour, past attempts to address traffic concerns on lombard have failed. in other news, now we go outside the largest conservation center for lemurs in the world outside of madagascar. the duke lemur center is a world leader in the study, care and protection of lemurs which is the earth's most threatened group of mammals.
8:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> the drake lemur center is the largest and most diverse population of lemurs off the island of madagascar. >> 90% of the lemurs in madagascar are gone which means that lemurs are losing their habitat so they don't have to -- be careful. >> i'm going to be your tour guide today. i've been a keeper here for two years and i switched over last year and now i split m tth be rh education department and i know a lot about the goings on at the center. if you have any questions at any point, by all means throw them at me and i'm happy to answer them. >> she's 22 and she's in her mid-20s. bode is showing us some scent markings and our male lemurs have a scent ring on their chest there. working that tail on his chest
8:35 am
and on his wrist, putting his ears back, he's locked in the tail overhead and they have no idea what he's doing. ♪ ♪ >> step on the right side of that and then we have our cockrell over here and their hip joints are out to the side of their body and they can't walk forward like we do which is how we get the fun and exciting sideways shuffle. >> how old are they when they're kicked out? >> sometimes as young as 1 1/2 or sometimes 6, 7 or 8 and we'll pull them out before they're kicked out by their parents before that time. >> they don't get 18 years? >> no. no. not 18 years. >> come on, guys. >> hurry. hurry. i would be responding very quickly if someone was offering me food. >> but, this is their second day
8:36 am
out in the while and there are a lot of buds on the trees. ♪ ♪ >> so we just went on one of our specialty tours at the center. we offer just a general tour and we can see a lot of different species for only $12 a person. >> we hang out, if anybody has questions for me. i am happy with them, with that, i hope you enjoy the rest of your day. ♪ ♪ >> you can check out abc's new brand at and it's also on facebook and instagram. time now is 8:36 and still ahead on abc 7 mornings, drone view 7 gives you a look at the green east bay hills and it's one of the worst spots for seasonal allergies and what you can expect over the next month. >> a live look outside of santa
8:37 am
cruz. you can see here a little overcast down there along the coast and we'll get a
8:38 am
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happening today, san francisco will celebrate the life and legacy of one of america's most influential civil rights leaders. cesar chavez co-founded the united farmworkers union. he fought for the rights of some of america's poorest laborers.
8:40 am
a parade and festival are planned in his honor and it's planned at dolores park and it runs 11:00 to 6:00 between tree and bryant. >> also happening the biggest cherry blossom festival on the west coast. organizers say the festival attracts more than 200,000 people each year and this is the event's 350nd year. there will be origami demonstrations, drummers and vendors will fill the streets with food, jewelry and clothing and the festival runs from 11:00 to 6:00 today and tomorrow in japan town and next sunday is the grandpa raid and that's probably an instagramer's paradise this weekend. >> you won't need the jackets there. temperatures will be well into the 60s. right now we're looking from the east bay hills camera where there is 50 in livermore and 54 in concord and 27 degrees of warming today well into the 70s in the inland valleys, but it is not going to last. we'll talk about the changes coming in for the second half of your weekend next. >> lisa, thanks.
8:41 am
also ahead, a wild game in san jose and the comeback against the golden knights and was it
8:42 am
8:43 am
in sport, the giants have won two straight games for the first time this season after a dramatic victory in the 18th inning. >> on the ground, they're going to come home and -- they did not get him! they're going to say it was off
8:44 am
the plate. >> spectacular play. look at the foot. he was not on it. c.b. buckner was right on it and this game is over. >> eric grounded into a fielder's choice that scored brandon bell the winning run giving the giants the 3-2 victory ending the five-hour, 35-minute marathon at 12:50 this morning and it was the longest game in oracle park history and the two teams will be back at it in just a few hours. first pitch is at 1:05 and the as are in arlington to face the rangers and that game starts at 5:05 tonight. and the warriors opened in oracle arena against the clippers and you can watch it only on abc 7. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. in hockey the sharks andights yo ersow nig o teams battled it out in s.a.p. >> anthony flores has the highlights in this morning's sports.
8:45 am
>> good morning, everyone. a wild shootout at the tank. six goals scored between the sharks and golden knights and that was just in the first period. game two of the best of seven series. john lynch, the honorary pre-game door opener and they scored three times in the first six minutes of the game and a brutal start for jones and he would prove for dell and san jose comes back and the nifty pass, and they get a second goal just 40 seconds later and in the final minute of the first, joe thornton scoops it home and a remarkable comeback and it's tied at three after a period. early second, vegas takes the lead back on a power play goal by martin stone. already his third of the season and flips the pass,5- t noed series at a game a piece. >> we had a horrible start and we know we can -- we can take it
8:46 am
to this team and we have to come up with a better start especially in vegas. >> as in texas, davis taking time with pictures for a young fan and attention, elvis has left the building and the three-run homer makes it 6-1 and mike fires after five innings and back comes oakland and ramon, more than just defense's third homer of the year and that ties at sixth and the seventh and it's that man again, crush davis and he leads the majors and the as win it 8-6 and theio curry at practice on friday morning. he rolled his ankle on thursday, but it looks like he's good to go for game o are trying to become the first team in more than 50 years to
8:47 am
three-peat. game one can be seen right here on abc 7 and coverage begins at 5:00 and it will be followed by after the game with larry biel, kerry keating and mindy ba, and game four will also on be on nbc 7 april 21st and that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores, have a great weekend. >> let's send it over to meteorologist lisa argen with your bay area forecast. hi, lisa. >> we've been watching the wind slightly offshore this morning and you can see from the roof camera behind me and the flag blowing just a little bit and it will be onshore later today and the winds will increase, as well ahead of a cold front. bee are looking at a great day for baseball, in fact if you're headed into the city, temperatures over ator beingael park will be in the mid-60s by about noon time and by the afternoon, climbing into the upper 60s. so the average high is 63 and they'll slowly drop off to the low 60s and still mild at 6:00.
8:48 am
a very nice-looking view this morning where you're look at temperatures on the mild side and in fact, numbers in the mid-50s and 54, mountain view and 53 in san jose and you can see the ribbon of fog closer to the surface of the water and the shallow deck of low cloud and 54 in vacaville and concord with 50 in santa rosa and livermore. today, starting out cool, but by the afternoon temperatures once again will be above average. san mateo coast, beautiful view here and the exploratorium camera, sunny and mild, looking at a cooler day tomorrow and those winds increased and the clouds increased and looking at out a bit into tuesday before temperatures climb again by the second half of the workweek, but getting into the weekend, moderate to high tree pollen levels today, even worse tomorrow, everything is in bloom and it looks so green out there
8:49 am
and we pay a price for that for sure. let's talk about tomorrow, the fog along the coast and the breezy winds and the increasing clouds and we will look for the sun ye sunnier day today and that brings the temperatures down. monday starting out cloudy and it's dry for your monday morning commute and monday afternoon is a different story. some showers and looking at a cooler day, but this pushes through by monday night and it's behind us on tuesday and amounts we should pick up just a little bit everywhere around the bay and more in the north bay, and maybe a quarter of an inch for santa rosa and a tenth or less and the santa cruz mountains can pick up a third of an inch. if you want it sunny, mild to warm, enjoy the day today with the low 70s and 71? rimo na i plo alto and 76 in livermore, and the cherry blossom festival in japan town, 62 tomorrow with the cooler conditions and then
8:50 am
tonight, patchy fog, upper 40s for the cool spots and low 50s along the bay and the accuweather seven-day forecast and cooler tomorrow, looking at a one on the storm impact scale, but boy, that doesn't last and we'll rebound quickly behind the system tuesday, wednesday and friday and some of the warmest numbers we've seen in months and we've talked about those allergies definitely paying a price around here. >> absolutely. those pollen levels will be especially high this weekend as you just said and so experts are saying that this could be one of the worst seasons in years. here's abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley with the story. >> you look out in the distance at mount diablo and everything is a vibrant green right now which is beautiful, but now we've got to be prepared for these allergies. >> it's my nose and my eyes got watery and puffy. >> i had this cough so i had to take my asthma inhaler. >> the prettier the spring, the
8:51 am
greener it is the seasonal allergies and the hills are alive with grass pollen and especially in contra county and the trivalley area we're about to get more pollen. >> this will be the worst season in the last 10 to 15 years. >> dr. josh jacobs is director of the clinical research of the asthma medical group of the bay area. he tracks pollen and he has the forecast. >> we have a lot of precipitation and relatively low temperatures this year and it's led to a relatively mild tree season. that is all going to change in a week or two. this grass is going to pollinate like crazy and we've had a lot of growth this year. it's a very powerful allergen and not only does it cause us a lot of misery with our eyes and our nose, it causes a lot of wheezing and so we tend to have a lot of visits to the emergency room. >> he says by mother's day we'll hit our grass pollen peak.
8:52 am
he advises getting out the meds starting now. over the counter sprays and drops can minimize the symptoms a bit if used in advance. close windows and cars in your home if you're allergic to grass. >> i still will go outside so i don't want to stay in the house and i'll just decide to deal with it the best i can. >> what i'm going to do is keep up religiously with these inhalers from now on just to be on the safe side. >> it's the rain that dictates pollen and so for tree allergies, it's the year before. so last year made less rain, less of a tree allergy season. next year it will be bad again for trees and for grass it's the current year. lots of rain, lots of green grass, lots of pollen coming our way. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> next, a piece of giants history is back on the market and barry bonds
8:53 am
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with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. here are the winning numbers from last night's $140 million mega millions drawing. 1, 24, 25, 40, 70. the mega number 4. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $157 million. the ball hit by former giants great barry bonds for his last career home run will be auctioned off next week. bonds finished his career with the most home runs in baseball history with 762. it came against the rockies in
8:56 am
2007. in 2008 the ball sold for more than $375,000. it will go up for bid again monday morning on golden auctions. the opening bid will be $150,000. bonds is a seven-time national . a quick mention as we head into the final weather. the usgs reporting a 2.9 earthquake centered near berkeley at 8:44. so if you felt it you weren't imagining things and a final weather check with you. >> sunny and warm weather on tap for today. a bit warmer than yesterday. 71 in oakland and 77 for you in concord, antioch and san jose with mid-70s from napa to santa rosa and tomorrow will be breezier, cloudier and cooler. here comes the rain on monday. yes, that's right. 50s and low 60s, but we rebound after that into the upper 60s to near 70 and the accuweather
8:57 am
seven-day forecast, the clouds with us as well and a one on the storm impact scale on monday for the rainy day and tuesday we will clear and we're warming up for more of that orange like you and i have right here, right? >> if you're going to the warriors game tonight you can look forward to getting one of these pretty cool shirts. people go crazy for this all of the time. >> are you ready to rock your shirt. be sure to tag us abc 7 news bay area on twitter and instagram and also use the hash tag dubs on 7. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen and abc 7 continues at 7:00 p.m. because of the warriors game at 5:00. the clippers and warriors tpofff tip-off at 5:15. join the warriors ambassador for toyota after the game. mundy bach will be at oracle arena for live one-on-one interviews with players. thanks for being with us.
8:58 am
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